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Creo Theatre's mission is to provide a safe space for artists to flex their creative muscles freely, producing high quality established and original pieces of theatre and performance. We encourage all of our members to step outside their comfort zone and explore their talents within a supportive network of actors, writers, directors and other creative types.


Established in 2020 by Loughborough University alumni, Creo Theatre was born from the idea that as writers and actors we are always asking for permission to do what we love. Our fate often lies in the hands of agents, casting directors and producers. Whilst we accept that this is how the entertainment industry works, our aim is to create and maintain a live performance space where actors, writers and directors alike don't need permission to do what they were born to do; create and perform.

Set up during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown in the UK, we have members from all over the country and around the world thanks to the modern world of virtual theatre. Because of this we are able to organise rehearsals and performances as well as provide classes and workshops with industry professionals that are accessible to everyone. 

You can download Creo Theatre's values statement here: 
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