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After what has been a very difficult year for creatives and the arts, we are kicking 2021 off with our first ever Short Play Festival. Our company members were asked to produce a play lasting up to 12 minutes suitable for viewing over Zoom and you can find the selected short plays below. 

After assigning a cast and director to each short play, we have been rehearsing via Zoom ready for our performance on the 22nd of January, 2021. 

2021 Short Play Festival Selection

Jake's Quest: Gainful Employment
Written by Charlie Elding
Directed by Alex Lyne

Written by Ben Fisher
Directed by Francesca Rice

The Meeting
Written by Catherine Higgins, Alex Lyne and Ronan Radin
Directed by Rosie Hague

I'm Not Crying
Written by Joseph Thomas
Directed by Kieran Mellish

Necessary Repairs
Written and directed by Ben Fisher

Written by Rosie Hague
Directed by Charlie Staunton

Book and lyrics by Alex Lyne
Music and lyrics by Arlene McNaught
Directed by Ronan Radin

The Date After You
Written by Ashley Clayton
Directed by Kieran Mellish

What We See Becomes Us
Written by David Couter
Directed by Ronan Radin

Exit Interview
Written by Kieran Mellish
Directed by Ellie Shields

To book your free e-ticket to our festival

please email

Due to copyright, please do not record/film or photograph any of the performances.


Some of the performances include strong language, graphic and/or triggering topics. Due to this, our entire Short Play Fest 2021 is categorised as maturity level 16+. Subject matters include drugs/alcohol abuse, homophobia, sexual and physical violence, death, suicide and blood. You can use the link below to help find a helpline if you are affected by any of these issues. 


We want to assure you that all characters/scenes presented are fictional and the topics are handled with care and professionalism. Our aim is to highlight the very real issues addressed.

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